What is that one blessing which is so essential for us, that if we do not have it then all other blessings lose their value… That is the blessing of peace and security.

All over the world there is a lack of peace as more and more countries are facing war and destruction… there is no place on earth which could be considered safe and secure…

Even in developed and “secure” countries, more and more people have now started questioning themselves why after attaining all material success they could ever wish for; why are they still not at peace within themselves? Why is there a constant feeling of fear hovering over them?

Why is there no peace in homes? Families have become so distant from each other… even within a household parents and children have become strangers…there is conflict and mistrust infused in the air and the same home which was considered a haven of peace, has now become a battleground of conflicting interests and emotions…

So where do we turn for peace… how can we find security that we need so desperately?

The answer, the solution, the salvation comes from Allah… as he calls himself “Al-Momin”… which means the giver of peace!

How amazed would be the people of the world if they knew that Muslims worship “Al-Momin” and yet they have no peace in their lives…!!!

How is it possible that you connect day and night to the giver of peace; and yet you are so troubled and insecure?

The reason is that firstly most of us say that we believe in Allah but we don’t worship him… that in itself is a contradiction in itself… your soul is craving for a connection with its Creator, and you keep filling it with physical and worldly stuff which cannot satisfy it… so how can you be at peace when the soul inside is screaming for its need…? try feeding a crying baby who has been separated from his mother; and you will understanding the situation of a soul which is starving for its lord…

Secondly there are those Muslims who worship Allah but have only learnt the words and actions involved in performing the rituals… and they are totally ignorant about Allah…

So this is why their lives are devoid of peace because they have not even recognized who they are worshipping… they have no idea what are Allah’s attributes and names and how these names can have an impact on their lives…

Therefore the solution is in acquiring this knowledge and spreading it to others so that we can have a meaningful relationship with Allah and find peace and security through his worship and obedience…

So let’s find out about Allah’s beautiful name Al-Momin…

The word Momin comes from the root A-Mi-Na… which means peace or security

So Al-Momin means the one who gives peace and security…. The “true” believer of Allah is also called a momin because on one hand he finds peace in his constant relationship with Allah and then transfers this peace to others too…Thus you will always feel secure in the presence of a true believer of Allah because you will have certainty that he will not do any injustice to you…

Just as doubt is the opposite of faith; similarly injustice is the opposite of peace…

Therefore those who want peace must have faith in Allah… and faith means to believe that Allah will never do any injustice to anyone because he is Al-Momin… So imagine someone who is in the company and protection of an All-Mighty being who will always do the best for him and will never abandon him… and will never do any injustice to him… can such a person ever have any fear for what’s going to happen? Or will he have any grief over what has happened? That’s why Allah says in the Quran… “surely the friends of Allah… will have no fear on them nor will they have any grief”

But the question is: what is going to be my role in such a relationship? Because no relationship is one sided… If Allah is promising such peace, safety and satisfaction for his friends then what can I do to become worthy of being his friend?

The good news is that we are all eligible for this honour if we truly want it… if we truly recognize him, connect to him through understanding Quran and worship him with complete love and submission of the heart… do all that he has commanded us to do… leave all that he has forbidden us… then surely we will be among those who live this life with peaceful hearts even if all around them is chaos and troubles… because we know that Allah never does any injustice… because we know beyond any doubt that Allah is Al-Momin…

Also those who want peace in their lives must keep others safe from their injustices… never do any injustice to anyone… neither in their presence nor in their absence… Because it is absolutely essential that we must want good for others just as we want good for ourselves… this is the key to peace… the key to being secure in the pleasure of Allah… who is Al-Momin…


7 thoughts on “Al-Momin

  1. Asalamualykum, may Allah give you enormous barakah ann khair in your time , and may allah subhanotaalah help all your blog followers benifit from what we learn.ameen


  2. Assalamualaikum and jazakAllah khairan for bringing “Ronaq” into this blog through your beautiful comment… may Allah increase you in your faith and goodness… ameen


    • My Dear Sister Sheima… assalamualaikum w r b
      what a pleasure it is to see your presence on my blog after such a long time…:):)
      JazakAllah khairan kaseeran for your kind words… its a blessing to have a friend like you!!


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