Adding on to yesterday’s post

When I began studying about the beautiful names of Allah in the book “Fiqh-ul-Qulub” there were a few things that really amazed me:

I had never before thought of His names to be the means with which to connect to Him. Although I had read ayaat of Quran referring to this topic but it never really got through to my heart… that the pleasure of the heart is to know Allah through His beautiful names because all of these names lead us towards His praise and perfection.

I had never contemplated the fact that these beautiful names are not just beautiful words which create such a beautiful and soothing melody when recited all together… rather every single name is an attribute full of perfection and magnificence.

Then another thing which I learned was the powerful impact of these names on our heart… how the heart humbles itself when it realizes the infinite perfection and majesty of Allah… how it melts with love… how it bows down in gratitude and submissiveness…

But the best of the best is the comfort and pleasure of knowing How amazingly beautiful and perfect are the qualities of the One who is taking care of us…

Most of the time we remain imprisoned in the anxiety of our inadequacies and imperfections… we lament on how little control we have over our affairs… we become so sad and resentful that the people who were supposed to take care of us are so deficient in the ability to do so…

And so most of our thoughts revolve around… how will I do this? Who will help me? What if I fail? What will become of this and that… and so on…

We behave like we are alone without anyone to take care of us… although in the back of our minds we have memorized the lines like “Allah Malik hai” (Allah is the owner of all affairs) “Allah khair karay ga” (Allah will do what’s better) But it is a parrot like utterance… because if we really believed then why would we be so tense and fearful?

The reason for this lack of faith is that we have not spent any time on learning about Allah.

So this series of articles is a humble effort to convey a taste of this knowledge and inspiration which I got through this book… I pray that Allah might accept it and open our hearts to His recognition which might lead us to His endless love and mercy and forgiveness… ameen


2 thoughts on “Adding on to yesterday’s post

  1. I am so happy that you have started this blog. I want to learn more about my Lord’s beautiful names and I am so eager to read your future posts. May Allah (swt) continue to bless you and strengthen you in every way.


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